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About Us

Urchfont Parish Council represents the communities of Urchfont, Wedhampton and Lydeway and in doing so:

  • owns the Cemetery, Allotments, Paddock Green, the pathway to Oakfrith Wood, Western end of Urchfont Playing Field (Recreation Ground including play equipment and tennis courts), Farmers Field and Urchfont Pond Duck House
  • manages, maintains and operates the cemetery, holds and maintains burial records
  • holds a 125 year lease on the cricket ground, which it sublets to Urchfont Cricket Club
  • is responsible for maintenance and oversight of Pond Green and Top Green in Urchfont (Registered Village Greens) 
  • is consulted over individual development plans where planning permission is required, and other planning matters
  • awards financial assistance funds for the benefit of the inhabitants - subject to legal limits, the annual budget and valid application
  • channels information and requests to/from other authorities
  • is consulted on various policy and regulatory documents
  • provides notice boards for Parish information plus contributions to 'Redhorn News' monthly community magazine which it part funds to cover free distribution to all Parish households
  • represents the interests of local residents
  • funds, manages and operates the Parish Council and Community Website
  • faciltates and manages a Parish Contractor to cut grass, clear litter bins, cut hedges and clear leaves across all Parish Council owned / managed / delegated sites from WC
  • facilitates the Annual Parish Meeting
  • faciltates and manages projects for the benefit of the community


How is it funded?
These activities are funded principally through the Precept, an amount demanded by the Parish Council from Wiltshire Council in January of each year, for the coming financial year. Wiltshire Council then collects that money through the annual Council Tax bills to all households in the Parish.
How does it work?
Our Parish Council has 11 members, who are normally elected for a four-year term of office. It employs a Clerk to the Council, who is also the ‘Responsible Financial Officer’, 'Proper Officer' and is Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) qualified. Thus the Clerk acts as secretary, adviser and treasurer to the Council. A maintenance contractor is employed to cut grass, maintain trees / hedges and empty litter bins in the cemetery/allotments, playing field, Farmer’s Field, Village Greens and other public / amenity areas. The Full Council operates as shown in 'How we conduct business'