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UPC Environmental Group

Urchfont Parish Council published its Environmental Policy following approval at its meeting on 11th March 2020 - Click here to see UPC Environmental Policy .

At the same Council meeting a UPC Environmental Working Group (WG) was established consisting of councillor(s) and members of the public, the following members currently make up that WG (as at January 2021):

Cllr Graham Day

Cllr Mark Botham

Lisa Kinnaird

Katherine Wale

Peter Newell

Sam Dixon

Liz Clifton-Page

Richard Bromley

Terms of Reference for this Working Group were approved at the UPC meeting on 8th July 2020, they can be viewed by clicking UPEG Terms Of Reference.


The folowing written report was submitted to the Council meeting on 10th June 2020 as a preface to seeking approval of an Aim, Objectives and Milestones paper:

"The world is facing its greatest threat for millennia – and it has nothing to do with coronavirus.

Our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has blanketed the planet and stopped heat being dispersed into space. We have seen the effects in our parish, with extremes of wet and then long stretches of drought becoming increasingly frequent.

Many scientists warn that, unless urgent action is taken, parts of the world will be uninhabitable by the end of the century.

It is a dire scenario, but it is not irreversible – yet.

We can still reverse the relentless rise in global temperatures by each one of us, individually and as a parish council, taking what are quite minor actions but which, together with what is going on elsewhere in the UK and internationally, will make a difference: turning off lights and electrical appliances when they are not required, walking and cycling short distances instead of taking the car, shopping more locally and eating less red meat.

The planting of more trees, hedges and bushes will capture CO2 and prevent it from being vented into the already saturated atmosphere.

We on the working group feel that the parish council should take a lead in co-ordinating and encouraging the efforts of individual residents to make a difference.


We hope the Parish Council will adopt in principle the aims, objectives and milestones submitted to the 10th June meeting as a roadmap to enable Urchfont Parish to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030. The proposals can, of course, be reviewed regularly and amended as necessary.

 Be a Force for Good

 Demonstrate Leadership through our own Practical Actions

 Use our powers wisely

Cllrs Lewis Cowen and Lisa Kinnaird"


Click Aim, Objectives and Milestones to view the paper approved unanimously at the Full Council meeting held on 11th June 2020.

Click UPEG Top Tips Flyer which is being distributed to all households in the Parish

Click UPEG Top Tips Extra Information - much more supplementary information to the Top Tips flyer


(Updated January 2021)