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Social Clubs and Groups

Urchfont has a long and varied list of social clubs and groups who meet regularly, and always welcome new members. The list below gives contact details, and links to further information about these groups (Click on Club / Group title where highlighted).

Updating of this page is the sole responsibility of the organisations listed via the webmaster, UPC accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained in any of these pages or associated links.

 Social Club / Group Name  Contact Name        Phone   Number          e-mail address
 Allotment Association  Joyce Organ  01380-848233  fourbowdens@hotmail.com
 Bellringers  Merle Halliday  01380-840322  ianandmerle@tesco.net
 Camera Club  Brian Taylor  01380-840479  brian.taylor884@btinternet.com
 Friends and Neighbours  Kay Bowyer  01380-840608  
 Friends of farmers Field - Click Friends of Farmer's Field for more information  Phil Milanes  01380-840402  phil@milanesfoils.co.uk
 Friends of Lavington Surgery  Margaret Barclay  01380-840469  mandgbarclay3@talktalk.net
Friends of Oakfrith Wood - Click Friends of Oakfrith Woodfor more information  Bob Organ  01380-848235  
Friends of St Michaels Church - Click Friends of St. Michael's Church, Urchfont for more info  Paul Bancroft  01380-848246  paulandelainebancroft@gmail.com
 Ladies' Breakfast Group  Rodney Gillington  01380-  rodgill@aol.com    
 Little Lambs   Pauline Smith  01380-840104  pcsmith@talk21.com
 Men's Breakfast Group  Rodney Gillington  01380-  rodgill@aol.com
 Mothers Union - Click Mother's Union for more information  Carole Jones  01380-840338  ce.jones@btinternet.com
 Neighbourhood Watch  Mark Wood  01380-848537  
 redhone Community Trust - Click Redhone Community Trust for more information  Jenny Holt  01380-840100  jenny.h@btinternet.com
 Sewing and Craft Group  Jo Taylor  01380-840479  brian.taylor884@btinternet.com
 Urchfont Art Group  Clare Milanes  01380-840402  clare@milanesfoils.co.uk
 Urchfont cum Wedhampton Rights of Way Group              Paul Melhuish  01380-840413  oak.frith@btinternet.com
 Urchfont Garden Club  Peter Cook  01380-840001  peterjanecook@googlemail.com
 Urchfont Hand Bell Ringers  Elaine Bean  01380-840555  jebean@btinternet.com
Urchfont Mothers and Toddlers -  Click Urchfont Mothers and Toddlers Group for more information  Romarna Corke  01380-840208  marna@greenfarmltd.com.
 Urchfont Players  John Steadman  01380-848201  jdsteadman@btinternet.com
 Urchfont Scouts  Dan Turner  07971 173455  
 Urchfont Coffee and Cake - Click Urchfont Coffee and Cake for more information  Julie Maidment  01380-840691  
 Urchfont WI - Click Urchfont WI for more information & 2022_23 Events  Sandra Mistlin  01380 840736 edwhiddengem@uwclub.net