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Urchfont Pond WARNING - Update

Potentially harmful blue / green Algae still remains in Urchfont Pond despite Parish Council efforts to minimise it below recognised safe limits. Latest samples show that the potentially harmful algae remains above the level that would allow removal of warning signs - please continue to strictly comply with the warning signs around the pond until advised otherwise.

However, trying an alternative approach to minimise the blue / green algae, a specialist contractor dosed the pond with 35% hydrogen peroxide (H202) on 15th July which they say will minimise the blue/green algae but not harm the ducks, plants other wildlife or humans. The contractor also released a large quantity of live good bacteria to remove phosphates and nitrates which blue / green algae thrives on.

Unfortunately, the extreme hot weather conditions in mid-July has delayed the effects of the dosing, but the Council has been assured that it will quite quickly minimise the blue / green algae and eradicate the daily discoloration of the surface water when the weather conditions change. The Council continues to monitor progress on a daily basis.

Please do not dispose of any of your unwanted garden pond fish, ducks or other items into the Pond at any time

(Updated 21st July 2021)