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South of B3098 / Ballinger's Planning Application - UPC restates OBJECTION

PL/2023/02372 Outline planning permission: Some matters reserved - Outline application with all matters reserved bar access for the development of up to 24 dwellings, including affordable housing, 5 self-build plots and associated infrastructure on Land south of Ballingers, Urchfont, Wiltshire.

At their Planning meeting on 18th October 2023, the Parish Council as a statutory consultee considered an updated version of the above application reducing the number of houses from 24 to 21 taking account of the published public consultation meeting minutes in May 2023, the 57 representation published on the WC website and other comments received from the public. As a result the Parish Council decided to restate their OBJECTION to this application as follows:

"To object on the grounds that the site lies outside Urchfont Development Boundary, was not supported by the current Urchfont, Wedhampton and Lydeway Neighbourhood Plan or by the Wiltshire Council Head of Develoment Management in his pre-application response that this application is contrary to the Spatial Strategy contained within the Core Strategy."

This restated OBJECTION was submitted to and acknowledged by Wiltshire Council on 19th October 2023.


(Updated 22nd October 2023)