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You will hopefully be aware from the Uncontested Election Result for Urchfont Parish Council that only SIX councillors were elected to take office from 10th May 2021 - Sarah Bamber, Mark Botham, Martyn Hollyman, Peter Rotherham, David Stevens and Malcolm Turner.

Two additional councillors have been co-opted at the Council meetings on 8th June and 14th May 2021 - Simon Holt and Pamela Moscropp from Wedhampton. This leaves THREE vacancies which the Council are authorised to fill by co-option.

If you are interested in joining this forward looking Council committed to improving the needs of the Parish community, please express an interest by email to the Clerk to the Council (clerk@urchfont-pc.gov.uk) who will send you an application form and/or provide you with further information. In addition, if anyone would like to find out more about the new Council, its Mission and objectives, you will be most welcome to come and have an informal chat with the new Chairman and/or Vice-Chairman.



(Updated 20th July 2021)