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A reminder that any event proposed to be held on Urchfont Parish Council owned and/or managed land must be approved by the Council in advance.

Policy applicable to use of the following land:

Urchfont Pond Green, Urchfont Top Green, Farmers Field, Recraetion Ground / Childrens Play Area, Paddock / Bowdens Greens, Pathway to Oakfrith Wood

In addition the following are owned by the Parish Council but subject to separate conditions of use: Urchfont Cemetery (subject to UPC Cemetery Regulations), Urchfont Allotments (Subject to approved Terms of Reference and Tenancy Agreements), Urchfont Cricket Ground (Subject to UPC sub-lease conditions), Tennis Courts (Subject to UPC lease conditions)

The terms, Conditions and application form are contained in the UPC Parish Land and Use Policy (Click here to see).

The Policy is designed to ensure:

  • that event organisers are fully aware of their responsibilities and the conditions of use
  • that event organisers confirm that they meet the conditions of use including:
    • assessment of potential risks involved and catered for in any event which may involve the public
    • that Public Liability insurance is held
    • complete clearance of the site after an event including litter
  • that documented approval for an event is supplied by the Council when an accepable application is received (applications to be submitted at least FOUR weeks in advance of a proposed event

(Published 15th June 2021)