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Urchfont School - Dangers of Top Green

Urchfont Parish Council  have been receiving some concerns from local residents about the safety of children leaving the school mainly at the end of the day and playing on Top Green. The concerns stem from perceived vehicle near misses when footballs end up in the road or children run to the surrounding banks to watch large tractors passing, it has been suggested that the children could slip off the bank in front of ever increasing numbers of vehicles. Similar concerns also relate to dogs sometimes seen playing with the children. It should also be remembered that COVID restrictions are still in place regarding gatherings.

Whilst parents are often present, they are often perceived to be in groups talking and are possibly not fully aware of the potential dangers as a result.

It is understood that Urchfont School have been expressing similar concerns to parents via newsletters and children through interaction in class on several occasions, but this potential danger appears to be still ignored by some. 

There is no suggestion whatsoever that the children should not play on The Green, far from it, but safety and awareness of the potential danger by children is paramount - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - PLEASE TAKE EXTRA CARE WHEN USING TOP GREEN.

 (Published 26th April 2021)