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Urchfont Wedhampton and Lydeway Neighbourhood Plan

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Two Public Consultation meetings were held during October and November 2014 to discuss the potential locations for new housing.  A total of 150 attended and helped us to assess the viability of a number of potential housing sites. To ensure that everyone has a chance to take part in this initial analysis we are holding a third event during a weekday evening. The date for this meeting will be fly posted to all houses in the Parish. A number of questions were raised at these meetings concerning the background to the information presented, the content of the presentation and the voting method. A short question and answer paper can be downloaded by following this link. For a fuller update on these consultations please click here. If you haven't attended one of these consultations, or didn't vote at one then there will be another consultation on a mid-week evening. If you would prefer to vote by post or email please read through this presentation and then complete this form. When completed it can be attached to an email to or printed and put through the letterbox at The Tiled House on Urchfont High Street. If you have any problems please contact any member of the UWLNP Steering Group

A paper consultation was delivered during October 2013 (Parish residents should have received a copy with their October Redhorn News). The questionaire is also available by clicking here. The completed questionnaires were collected and delivered to The Tiled House on Urchfont High Street or the Village Shop.  Questionnaires were completed by in excess of 43% of households which will help us develop a Neighbourhood plan based on your opinions.


The Localism Act 2012 gives communities the right to develop Neighbourhood Plans for their areas.
Both Urchfont and Wedhampton have Conservation Area Statements which were produced in 2002. Indeed Urchfont was the subject of the first Conservation Area Statement in Wiltshire. Urchfont is an appropriate location for limited further development which should help to sustain facilities and, where possible, enhance them for the benefit of both residents and visitors to the Parish. The community has though endorsed the protection of the identity of the Parish as a special place to inhabit and enjoy. A Neighbourhood Plan will give the community more control over future development in the Parish. It will also provide the Parish Council with funds to help develop facilities within the Parish.
When the Localism Bill was first launched, residents decided to start research for a Neighbourhood Plan and a Steering Group was formed to undertake research. Members of the Group made studies of the housing stock across the Parish and of its existing clubs & societies. Recent work includes a Housing Needs Survey and an analysis of 2011 census information. In addition they have requested detail from infrastructure providers to check what spare capacity they may have. This has resulted in a body of evidence which will support decisions made in a Neighbourhood Plan.
The Parish has now received approval to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. This plan will address issues which it holds to be of paramount importance for a special community which has always been known as a place which takes pride in ‘getting things done‘. The Steering Group believe a Development Plan will give residents an exciting opportunity to protect, improve and develop the Parish together with having a larger degree of influence over how new buildings and facilities should look.
To date the Steering Group have undertaken two written consultations which were delivered to all houses in the Parish (and responses to the first consultation were received from approximately 35% of dwellings). In addition they have undertaken for public consultations concerning the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.
Wiltshire Council has also undertaken a Housing Needs Survey in the Parish which has now been adopted. Again this survey involved paper consultation is being undertaken with all residents in the Parish.

A Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report has now been produced which has been circulated for consultation and comment. This is the baseline for the Neighbourhood Plan and contains lots of information about the Parish. For more information about this document, a link to the document itself, and how you can send in your own comments please click here.
Further consultation will take place during the course of autumn 2013 and following that a draft plan will be produced which will again be consulted on throughout the Parish.

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