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The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (Sections 26 and 27) and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234 require the AGAR to be completed annually, approved by the Council and submitted to the appointed external auditor by 1st July. This legislation also requires publication of the unaudited AGAR Sections 1 and 2 along with a Notice of Public Rights. These documents for Urchfont Parish Council can be seen by clicking HERE to view Annual Reports and Returns page.

(Published 21st June 2019)



We have been informed that Urchfont has WON the medium size village category of the Kennet Section, well done to all those who contributed time and effort to make the Village look at its very best.

However, your efforts have not come to an end.  As a winner, Urchfont (along with three other section winners) will now be judged in the County round sometime during July, dates to be confirmed. You are requested to help maintain standards in the Village by:

  • Keeping all areas of your property including gardens as well maintained and tidy as possible, especially if clearly visible from roads / footpaths. Cut back vegetation overhanging public highways and pavements
  • Picking up and responsibly disposing of a
  • ny litter that you see in the Village or on designated footpaths
  • Not fly-tipping anything in public areas and spaces, including garden waste
  • Remove any items belonging to you from public lay-bys and verges
  • Always picking up after your dog(s), do not leave filled plastic waste bags in hedgerows or on footpaths / verges – responsibly dispose of waste in public litter bins or your household wheelie bin
  • Keeping private and public car parking areas tidy and free of litter
  • Helping to clear pavements and kerbs / drain covers of any obstruction (e.g. weeds, straw)
  • Removing unwanted / expired notices from notice boards or wherever posted in the Village

In assisting with any of the above, safety is all important. Please be aware of traffic or other obstacles, report any perceived task which you cannot handle to the Clerk of the Council who will try to arrange resolution if possible / necessary.

(Published 17th June  2019)



Having sought advice from the Environment Agency on 23rd April 2019, the Parish Council were informed that new samples indicate that in addition to the very visible and relatively innocuous red algae the pond water also contains potentially harmful BLUE / GREEN ALGAE. This algae can be potentially harmful to humans, wildlife, pets and birds. This is an earlier than expected repeat of the algae problems  the Pond in 2018.

Warning Notices have been placed around the Pond advising the public to avoid all contact with the water, in the event that contact is made then you should wash your hands / exposed areas thoroughly as soon as possible and if necessary seek medical advice. Pets must not be allowed access to the water or to drink from it. Swallowing the water or algal scum can potentially cause stomach upsets, skin problems or more serious health effects. Again, seek medical advice if necessary.

It is a sensible precaustion for you, your children and your pets to avoid any contact whatsoever with the scum and the water. 

An Open Public meeting was held on Thursday 30th May 2019 to discuss the problem, gain information from long term residents on what was done to clean the pond in 1995, possible solutions now and to highlight the possibility of disruption in the Village when works are undertaken.  The situation was then discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 12th June 2019 and budget / project decisions taken to move the clear up scenario forward as soon as possible. Click HERE to see the slide presentation given at the open meeting on 30th May together with those presented to the Council on 12th June 2019.

This article will be updated as further progress is made.

(Updated 17th June 2019)


The Decision Notice has now been received from the Planning Inspectorate following the public enquiry held on the 24th to 26th April 2019. The Decision is that 'THE ORDER IS NOT CONFIRMED', the full details of the Inspectors report can be seen HERE.

(Published 1st June 2019)



A group of Urchfont Parish councillors and  members of the local volunteer Rights of Way Group have spent this morning cleaning up  Stonepit lay-by and surrounding area in Urchfont. They have been joined by a number of the local householders. The area was in need of attention generally, but even more so because of the impending CPRE Best Kept Village competition judging.

The litter bin in this location is constantly being filled up and overflowing due to it being used in part for household type waste arisings instaed of just litter and dog waste.  It is also noted that a lot of litter misses the bin and ends up in the bushes behind. The Parish Council has taken the opportunity to install a larger bin in this location in addition to the existing bin, but would ask that it is not used for household waste which should be deposited in your household wheelie bins. PLEASE PICK UP ALL LITTER AND DOG WASTE - MAKE SURE IT GOES INTO THE LITTER BINS PROVIDED THROUGHOUT THE VILLAGE.

(Published 13th May 2019)



Following the retirement of Councillor Nicky Mitchell, Urchfont Parish Council now has a vacancy which will be the subject of a formal vacancy notice in due course. In the meantime, the Council is keen to hear from anyone who might wish to express an interest in becoming a councillor to help shape the future of the Parish. For further information on eligibility and to gain answers to any other questions you may have, please contact the Clerk to the Council. A formal Wiltshire Council NOTICE OF VACANCY has been issued on 24th May 2019 requiring any member of the electorate to write to the Returning Officer by 14th June 2019 if they specifically require an election to be held - SEE NOTICE HERE and on Parish notice boards.

(Updated 24th May 2019)



Having served for 14 years on Urchfont Parish Council, Councillor Nicky Mitchell announced her retirement with immediate effect in a statement she made at the end of the Council meeting on Wednesday 8th May 2019. This statement has been published in full within the minutes of that meeting. Nicky has served as a councillor, Vice Chairman and Chairman during this period and has played a key role in significant activities in the Community including the development of Manor Farmyard and  sale of Urchfont Manor. The current Chairman, Councillor Graham Day thanked Nicky on behalf of the Council and the community for all her service and achievements.

(Published 11th May 2019)


















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